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You know what is Coaching?

You know what is Coaching? - B2 Midia


The terms coaching, coach, coachee are common in the corporate world, but literally not everyone knows their real meaning. And how, when and where should be applied. Coaching is a tool that can be used to establish strategies and achieve results in personal life (health, leisure, relationships and spirituality) and professional (career development, finance, skills among others). It is important to note that coaching is not psychotherapy or consulting.

Coaching: is the activity carried out by a Certified Professional (coach) that uses of techniques, tools and methodology to support your client (client) to achieve results, goals or decision-making.

The Coach: is the professional who will lead the individual (Client) to release the potential and maximize your performance to overcome their obstacles with their potential self-knowledge and improvement points. The job of the coach is to enable the person’s own capacity to seek answers to your questions and meet your goal in any area of your life.

Coachee: someone who is in search of a self to develop your potential and meet their points of improvement to achieve your goals and objectives in the personal and professional lives.

Subject matter expert:

DeboraDeborah Monique is Director of Organizup and Career Coach and organizational Consultant.

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