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Besides business

Besides business


Couple joins for business success

Two people, a passion! That’s how I started the relationship of journalist and businesswoman Doris Fialcoff, and John Carlos, industrial maintenance Manager and also businessman.

Together for almost two years, the couple live in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre in Cachoeirinha, municipality known for having a large industrial district and having the headquarters of large companies. It is in this context that the couple decided to open the Honey Beer. “If it is more difficult to undertake with the husband? Yes, it is. However, I wouldn’t trade this for anything, “he told Doris.

The progenitor of the segment in business was her, after watching an interview with Kathia Zanatta, the first beer sommelière formed in Brazil, the passion for craft beers was almost immediate, “I was charmed by the whole universe”.

During the first sommelier course of beers that Doris did, she started looking for a table to put your collection of bottle caps, that as she said “Was increasing quickly and beautifully”, the problem is that she couldn’t find, that’s where all this talking to John he decided to make one for Doris. “And it’s not what you did, and infinitely better than I ever could have imagined when he gave it to me, I was so blown away that I was soon saying that was so sensational that we should market”. The brand was born, initially focused on souvenirs and Brewers experience.

How to undertake challenges together, the couple play saying that the two disagree on many things, and that is a big challenge. “The relationship needs to be very balanced, as well as each one individually, so that things don’t get too mixed and a condition does not make the other disappear”.

Talking now about celebration, Valentine’s couple is full of treats. “We are quite homemade, that day in the schedule for a special dinner at home, the kitchen becomes a place for Exchange of affection, like to cook for her, flowers, hugs and lots of love to say that she is the woman of my life. “Oh and lots of beer.

If you want to start a business together with his partner, check out the tips from John and Doris:

  • Learn to divide the tasks, there is no point in wanting to do everything;
  • Separate the activities according to the affinity of each;
  • To undertake together, you need to “learn”, yourself, and the drive that way the couple
  • Be proactive, that goes for anyone who wants to undertake;
  • Be flexible;
  • Learn how to make the differences complementary qualities to play the business;
  • Qualify professionally;


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