Engage your collaborator in five steps

Invest in communication with his collaborator he is your main client

There are still companies that see the developer just as a human machine to manufacture products or services. But, the relationship between employee and company has changed through the media. Still, employees often feel excluded and uninformed about the company where they work.

Pamela Nogueira, Communications Assistant is one of those "uninformed". Even though the communication area where he works there is no effective channel to inform about things concerning the work or the organization. "Sometimes, I learn things through the radio," he said.

This is a reality addressed in the interview with the marketing analyst Catherine Day. "Many companies have specific areas for developing the communication, but the strategy is not ideal, and are often drawn up by professionals trained to not function," he explained.

A search of 2016, made by the Agency in the United Kingdom specialising in communication Gatehouse, called "State of the Sector", highlights the problem cited by Catherine.

According to the interviewed professionals, the main obstacle to the success of internal communication in the organization is the lack of ability in communication on the part of the managers of the teams. This happens in more than 60% of organizations, another factor that hampers are the few communication channels.

As electronic channels already used, there were increases in most of them in relation to surveys from previous years. The corporate tv, for example, counts with almost 70% of the companies interviewed. Social networks hit the 60%.

According to the marketing analyst Catherine Days, these two Allied social networking options and even applications, are great choices to keep his employee informed and the company's news. "Every tool needs a different call, pull the other one, a tv programming can lead to the app and so on. ”

Days emphasized that in addition to inform its employees, you need a campaign for them to use and view these channels of information. In addition to that strategies need to be clear and focused for that goal to be achieved. In addition to these tips separated five infallible ways to engage his collaborator:

  • Give autonomy to his collaborator: when the employee feel you have freedom to do the work your way, he becomes more excited and engaged;
  • Don't make promises you can't keep: If your employees feel they can't trust you, they will ask what is the purpose of his work.
  • Don't make the same always meetings: Pass your information dynamically, such as videos. Encourage your employees to be creative.
  • Do research with employees: learn what they like and what they don't like, you need to make your engagement strategy to succeed.
  • Ask your employees what you teach something: A hint that we do in B2 's Media knowledge sharing, each month an employee chooses a theme to share with the team.

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Catherine Day, marketing analyst, twelve years on the market.

Pamela Nogueira, Communications Assistant, newly formed and three years on the market.