How to celebrate father’s day in the company

Learn how to use the Father’s day to create a link between employee and company

Do you have any idea how to celebrate father’s day at your company? As the secret of every action is planned, we anticipate that subject which moves not only companies but also all trade.

Celebrate special dates can be an important tool in the process of motivation of employees. Being that these initiatives can be taken by large, medium and small businesses. Unfortunately some see this kind of action as spent and not as an investment. But, it is important to note that this type of action in addition to let its employees happier, shows a good image of the company and improve the organizational climate. “Demonstrate to the employee that the company is cool, who cares and wants to celebrate such dates with their teams somehow, there is a sense of importance and lightness in the air,” said Marianna Barcelos internal marketing expert who consults through ‘Endomarketando’ internal communication solutions, which aims to implement, assist and empower managers from various areas of the company.

At last, after so many reasons to celebrate, split up some cheap suggestions you apply in your company.

The first is a dynamic. Set aside a few minutes of the day, and join any team in a wheel. Ask for employees, remarkable stories of youth, tell those of type “this will be to tell my kids”. No doubt the crop will yield good laughs and a lot of complicity. Another tip, widely used in companies is the celebration and gift delivery.

The Pedrosa transport, whose slogan “Who works here is happy!”, celebrated father’s day with gifts and celebrated the date as a day of strengthening family ties. Second describes the company’s Web site, Pedrosa family as something base values important for professional growth. In addition to the celebration, the company promoted the contest, my son is my guy.

Speaking of gifts, the Unimed Sergipe, distributed a tool kit as a souvenir, the idea was that this was functional for fathers, and ended up falling in like employees. “Just the fact that, of the cooperative have reminded us, , it’s valid.” “I loved the gift. Portable and very useful “, these were the comments of employees posted on the company’s Web site. In addition to the kit, the Unimed promoted a cultural contest, the fathers sent pictures, which transmit a moment between father and son. The most votes won a weekend at the Resort, complete with date and meal. This is a good choice for you who have capital in the box.

To the coffee break – a surefire classic, bet on a themed decor, as messages in breads, neckties, napkin, whiskers in the jar etc. The Ramassol group – one of the most important brands of the market in the manufacture of frames and metal structures, celebrated the day with a breakfast for employees and for the fathers, presented with a custom t-shirt, the pattern was the image of the employee with the son. While we’re on t-shirts … You know that shirt his father loved, but that no longer fit? She is a great option to make a pillow. Get each employee will not be an easy task, but I left a lot on business. Help HR, who probably has the plug with the landline or any developer of message, or promotes a campaign using the media. Can be cumbersome, but you sure have a lot of value.

The internal media, are great allies in the actions of internal marketing, why use channels, such as the corporate Tv to do quizzes, for example, the first three employees who call at extension and tell the best story he had with his father, win a prize.

Finally, the suggestion of Marianna Babu, is a timeless, but effective action that can be applied in various situations, “HR comes into contact with the children of these fathers, to create a video of three minutes maximum whatsapp, sending a message to the parent. On the day before the date, a breakfast must be served, and in the middle of the celebration, the videos start to pass, each parent identifies your son “. Barcelos finished saying, that productivity and the day fathers will be much better.

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