How to celebrate Valentine’s day in the company

Tips on how not to let slide the date of love

Neither the corporate environment resists the lure of Valentine's day, after all if there is no love in a team, work does not come on. For this reason many companies have been engaged in actions to celebrate the date.

This is the case of corporate marketing and communications expert Marianna Barcelos, the tips of her to commemorate the date are between elegant mail and collaborators describe in a chat partners. "From that, the rh comes in contact with these people and make these qualities or defects reach the developer's partner," he said.

The company in which Ana Monteiro review leader, works the elegant mail works well. The staff send the mostly anonymous messages, and after I read out loud for everyone to listen to officials, "he said.

Regina de Freitas already working in the area of internal marketing in the company Sink, dairy specialist in Rio Grande do Sul, indicates the drawing for a romantic dinner. "On the date the employee who brings the most romantic picture take the ticket, I'm curious to know how it will be, this is the first time we've done," he said.

The decor also has, if you suddenly don't want to opt for a campaign, you can add hearts and messages in the corporate environment, the romantic songs can also pack the corridors and rest stations, as well as the videos that can be placed on your tv or digital mural.

The way the company Rousselot Gelatine found to engage employees on that date, was to use the continuous improvement program. "Any employee who perform any kind of improvement, participated in the Valentine's Day Draw and ran to a delicious romantic dinner," said Ellen Godoy HR Assistant.

In addition, she said that the corporate TV was a great ally in publicizing the raffle, the rules and the picture of the contributor. "Now we are waiting for a photo of the lucky with his love, enjoying this dinner it was so crowded," he said.

An idea that the blog ideas of internal marketing share is the display of films, lectures on STDS and condom distribution. The chocolates match a lot with the date.

And continue the conversation. Share your idea, about what is the best way to celebrate Valentine's day at the company.

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