Children’s day in the enterprise: Learn how to celebrate

The children's day at the company: October 12 is coming, awaken your inner child in your employees

The children's day is coming and we at B2, Media preparing our little party.
The date is marked by the joy of small that anxiously await to have a day full of candy and games. There are several ways to deploy endomarketing actions, some companies take employees ' children to meet their parents ' workplace and make special celebrations for the children of employees with ball pit, trampoline and candy.
children playing
To keep alive the inner child that exists in every one of our employees (although we don't need much effort), here on B2, we chose to produce a children's birthday party. Due to the holiday, we celebrate children's day on day 11/10, the idea is to decorate a table as if to a child's birthday. The table will be filled with candies of various types, main cake and will be available to staff all day.

In addition, there will also be a special meal to replace the lunch, so everyone to interact, share memories of childhood, and of course give lots of laughs together.

Other actions:

Geodis, company in the transport segment, bet on corporate Tv to deploy a contest to celebrate the "children's day". The proposal is that employees send pictures from when they were kids to an e-mail address. Colleagues will have to guess who's who, the developer that identifies the maximum number of colleagues will win a surprise toast.

The event "Today, I'm going to work with you" was organized by Overcomes communication, the proposal was to take children of employees of the company Redecard to spend a day with the parents. The event was attended by 140 children and added values for conducting educational activities.  The result of the case, was a prize trophy 2012 internal event category Lettering to Overcomes communication.

And you? already planned children's day in your company?
Tell us how was the action.