The importance of the location of the Tv corporate

Learn how to set the location of the corporate Tv best way

Strategically! You must also define the structure of your project of corporate Tv. You need to plan the amount of points required and which Corporate Tv location. If this procedure does not occur in the best way, all previous strategy can crumble.

The Flexform leader company in the market of manufacture of chairs and corporate partner of B2, has four TVs scattered throughout the company. The HR Manager of Flexform Daniela Lima, told how the decision was made on the location of the corporate Tv in your company. "Spread in points in that whether or not the employee must pass, the restaurant area is one of those places."

Daniela told still only in the area of the operation were not TVs. "This is a place where they need attention, they work with forklifts," he pointed out.

In most cases, the operation is the last place chosen by management, precisely by the safety factor. Places of conviviality, as the coffee machine, the clothing and the cafeteria are the most suitable.

But every rule has an exception that the Geodis-logistics company specializing in sea and air, already mentioned in the previous post. There, beyond the cafeteria a few TVs are available in the administrative area where the largest number of employees.

Set points, it's time to choose the size of the tv. According to one of the founders and Chief Financial Officer of B2 media, William Lay, in 90% of cases of customers of B2, 40 and 42-inch TVs meet the demands.

"To 46 inches, for example, fit for sites with greater distance, for that programming could be seen from afar, of 32 inches maybe at a reception or in a smaller and more closed," he explained.

Another advantage of corporate Tv is the management system. Where everything can be done online through software installed. This convenience makes you save time for other activities. This is the opinion of Cybele Vieira, responsible for updating the content of the TVs Flexform. "Before this system, we had five TVs and I had to update a few times a day, all the content. As it was not automatic, I'd and removed the contents of the pendrive which were inserted into the monitors ". Chauhan said that after the change the day became more productive.

Another tip, in workplaces and operations, as is the case with the company Geodis, is interesting to view dashboards, coffee shops, elevators and receptions, the institutional content to visitors is a great option.