Secretary’s day

Learn the skills and story of who is the right-hand man of the leaders in enterprises

On 30 September day is celebrated the day of Secretary, Lillian Sholes was the first woman to type in public. Lilian, was the daughter of one of the inventors of the typewriter, Christopher Sholes, and birthday on day 30 September 1850. On the centenary of his birth, the manufacturers of typewriters made celebrations and contests to choose the best typist. Many Secretaries participated in the contest, which went on to be repeated every year, on 30 September and thus arose the “Secretaries day”. In Sao Paulo, the Secretary’s day was enacted by law No. 1,421, on 26 October 1977.

Usually the Secretaries are the right arm of a leader and hosts of a company.  Is a mistake to think that the profession can only be exercised by women. Men can also play the role of Secretary. The Professional is a mediator between the Board and the company’s employees. Between the qualifications of the desktop (the) are discretion, diplomacy, sympathy and composure. The dress-code of this expert must be impeccable, he reflects on the company’s image, since it is considered to be the “business card” of corporations.

Skills of a Secretary (the)

  1. the control of the agenda and of the Executive appointments;
  2. travel planning;
  3. dispatching and Conference documents;
  4. file organization;
  5. international calling service;
  6. reception of customers;
  7. departmental aid;
  8. planning and organisation of parties and events;
  9. service and support for internal and external clients;
  10. monitoring and preparation of meetings;
  11. conduct of proceedings;
  12. bill payments;
  13. field in data processing (excel, powerpoint, internet, outlook, etc);
  14. Fluent foreign language domain (at least English);
  15. get a good communication;
  16. help in the development of the Organization;
  17. have participation in company decisions;
  18. be the right arm of the Executive.