Wellness in the workplace: loyalty and commitment with employees

Companies invest in benefits packages including health food distribution that impact on quality of life of employees

Thinking on well-being in the workplace of their employees, some companies offer a balanced menu during the day in order to provide quality of life and better productivity.

It is a fact that most people spend most of their time working. What often make it impossible to maintain a healthy life with practice exercise and a balanced diet.

The company, brazilian company Allele, card is great example of concern for the well-being of its employees. The institution offers daily teas, coffees, biscuits, three types of breads and fruits for consumption of employees. And also promotes a partnership with sports according to the preference of the employee.

“The benefits package of companies can be a turning point to retain talent. On Allele, the developers offer a varied menu and robust benefits, among which include products and services the company offers to the market. Our employees, therefore, experience the business as well as end users of the Allele solutions like food stamps, food stamps, culture vouchers, fuel vouchers, among other facilities such as the provision of healthy snacks in vending machine and fruit every evening. The actions of the allele in the benefit of the employees come from having an outcome since last organizational climate survey, climbed 16 points, “says Soraya Bahde, Director of people management & Allele

According to the doctor, psychologist, Coach and Director of the clinic Be Integral, Dr. Roberto Debski, offer healthy food and recreation is a way of showing the care of company employees. “It certainly is one of the components, among several possible and necessary, that strengthen the engagement and loyalty, and that are important to make the organizational environment more pleasant and therefore reflected in more quality of life for the employee and productivity and results for the company,” declares Dr. Roberto Debski.

The valuing people is one of the axes that guide the strategy of the journey of transformation of the Culture of the company. The values of the employees also changed and today, the salary is no longer the only concern, especially for those who have more potential. Location, benefits package, and the environment are taken into account in time to integrate into an organization.

“A company that offers as well in addition to good wages, some bonuses, in the form of medical assistance, possibility of flexible schedules, training opportunity and improvements, growth opportunities, and real concern with the officials, seeking to improve their quality of life will have the preference of candidates at the time of these choose the location where you want to work,” says the expert.

The workplace reflects the respect that the company has for its employees. If the climate and the environment are healthy, the employee feels valued and produces more. “The time that the company was seeking productivity of your team with pressure and hours worked. Now managers are understanding that how much healthier physically and mentally the employee is, more productive he will be, “says Ari Brito, a neuroscientist and Director of Coach personal brand and training.

For the Coach, the extra benefits as the fruit distribution that some companies provide, not the fundamental point for the welfare of employees. “It’s not the fruit itself that impacts, but the message that the company passes to put these fruits. Every time this action is put into practice demonstrates the company’s concern with the health of the employee, and this has an impact on their motivation. He works more committed to the company, “he concludes.

The company that raised concerns about the quality of life and well-being of the employee for sure will be one step ahead of other organizations and will increasingly loyal employees and committed.


Soraya Bahde has a degree in business administration from Mackenzie, an MBA in business management and Marketing from FIA. Is Director of human resources of the brazilian company Allele with simple and complete solutions portfolio, ranging from business cards and corporate expense management prepaid for the whole country. With experience in start-ups and structuring of human resources processes, previously held positions in internal HR consulting, compensation and organizational development at Accenture, TAM, Multiplus Fidelity and Atos Origin.

Ari BritoAristides Brito is Professor of Undergraduate and graduate studies, Lecturer in neuroscience and Director of the personal brand.


Roberto Debski’s Doctor from the Faculty of medical sciences of Santos; Psychologist graduated from the Catholic University of Santos; Title of specialist in homeopathy by the Brazilian Medical Association.