What is Storytelling?


Understand the true meaning of Storytelling

Storytelling means the Act of telling a story, is an English word that is related to a narrative and sets the ability to tell stories. Is a methodology that uses a combination of management processes and techniques of narratives to create or enhance the communication of a person, brand or company.

“The message is conveyed in a natural way by a story with real characters that come out of their employees and customers, and fictitious created in script” Nelson Enohata

Concept: the Organization of a Storytelling project allows the construction of memory, of history and of the identity of the persons and institutions. In a company the Storytelling should be done in a language in which employees can understand the transmitted message, avoiding technical terms that may be unknown to the vast majority.

How to apply: there are several ways to apply Storytelling in an institution. Here at B2 we take the day to perform the action. The idea was to put together a book with stories and memories of our employees: the first step was a story told by the mothers, according to a story told by the children and the third the Declaration of father’s day.

Subject matter expert:

Paul FabreMartha Terenzzo is Inova 360 Director and founder of the first Office of Storytelling in Brazil Storytellers Brand ‘n’ Fiction