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EVP-Employee Value Proposition

EVP-Employee Value Proposition - B2 Midia


The EVP is a set of programs offered by the company to retain talent and strengthen a brand, meet and learn how to put into practice 

The abbreviation E.V. P-Employee Value Proposition, refers to the set of programs offered by the Organization in Exchange for work of the employee. Also known as employee value proposition, the EVP is part of studies and motivational theories.

“Theoretically, the EVP is part of motivational theories and studies, conducted by the Marketing, which aimed to” add value “. The article Linking The Employment Value Proposition (EVP) to Employee Engagement and Business Outcomes, written by Brian k. Heger, AT&T Executive in 2007, is one of the first on the subject, “says Flavio Morasco Benetti, communication specialist (personal, business and professional).

Every company has its EVP, the formalization of the method is the first step to create an employer brand, representing the corporate identity, their aspirations and needs on the market. A survey conducted by Global Talent Management and Rewards Study, points out that 72 percent of companies that participated in the survey, report difficulty in attracting employees with critical skills and more than half of them (56%) claim to have problems with retention.

For Flávio Morasco Benetti, companies that adopt the EVP as your brand development strategy, are more likely to face a shortage of talent, since they convey a clear message about its key attributes. In addition, when an organization can develop a consistent EVP, stands out from the competition, helping not only to attract talents as stimulating the pride of belonging and engagement of its employees.

EVP’s proposal is to strengthen a “employer branding”, that impacts on efficient management of attraction and retention of the most qualified professionals available on the labour market. “From there, you can see numerous additional gains, as lower turnover, greater engagement, high levels of satisfaction with the work done, increase in productivity and etc. The main challenges lie in little differentiation of EVP in relation to competitors, lack of consistency between the expectation and delivery X Finally, lack of segmentation by region, profile, among others, “explains the expert.

The EVP must direct the behaviour of employees in day to day work. According to Flavio Morasco Benetti, this is where the role of the Manager comes into play.

“To be in direct contact with the developers, is the Chief Representative of the brand tangibilizando and making the promise described in the EVP in reality. For this, leaders must encourage dialogue, be present, sharing experiences, emphasizing the role of collaborators, thanking the contributions, recognize achievements, among other activities, “he emphasizes.

The Towers Watson, a global company of services that supports organizations in optimizing their performance through effective people, risk management and finance. Listed 10 tips for a successful EVP, check out:

  1. Develop a formal EVP;2. Communicate effectively, the EVP to employees;3. Align the EVP in the image of the Organization in the market;

    4. Fulfill the promises of the EVP;

    5. Differentiate the company from its competitors in the labour market;

    6. Develop specific critical segments of EVPs employees;

    7. Articulate a total reward strategy aligned with the business strategy and human resources;

    8. Use the strategy and business goals to support talent management programs and rewards;

    9. Create specific objectives for each program of talent management and rewards in order to align it to the EVP;

    10. Apply organizational analysis (i.e. analysis of business performance, demographic information about the workforce, data about the performance of the work force) to test the effectiveness of the total reward programs.

Place the EVP in practice

  • Identify the right team, comprising persons of several functions; • Ask and respond to critical issues for development of EVP;• Define clearly the “give and take” of your organization.• Soak deep into understanding the preferences of employees;

    • Align, where makes sense, with talent management programs and rewards;

    • Test the success and monitor progress along the way


Flavio morasco

FLÁVIO MORASCO BENETTI is the creator of FMB | Collaborative Communication. Graduated in Social Communication, with postgraduate studies in Marketing Management and Trends & Innovation – has more than 15 years of experience, through several segments and companies.

Communications specialist (personal, professional and Enterprise) and corporate culture. From 2014, is Life and Professional Coach certified by the International Association of Coaching (IAC). His journey leads him to teach classes and lectures to hundreds of students and professionals.

Has as great purpose in life, to help people see the world and to achieve things in different ways.

To learn more or contact: www.fmbenetti.com.br

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