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 Contrary to what many believe, the home office requires commitment, saves time and improves quality of life

Home office is a remote job, namely a work done the distance, according to the Brazil Labore, a consulting firm specializing in remote desktop, the home office model emerged in Brazil in 1997 during the Home Office/Telecommuting Seminar – business prospects and work for the third millennium. And in 1999 founded the Brazilian society SOBRAT of Telecommuting and Teleatividades. The term home office still raises many doubts when it is used in the wheels of conversation and happy hours.

The blessed image, company specializes in marketing consulting and public relations, ran the home office scheme for two years and about six months is again performing tasks with weekly meetings. “Here the Blessed Image prioritize very quality of life and that’s why I’m looking for passing this value for my way of working and consequently, to my collaborators. The less external stress, more the professional tends to render and also enjoying your life. I believe the home office offers these conditions. Our weekly meetings are held at the Agency, but most of the work is performed via the home office. And the results are better for professionals and especially to customers increasingly satisfied with our delivery, “says Michele Barcena, journalist, sports marketing expert.

A survey conducted by Robert Half consultant, shows that 64% of Brazilian companies allow some positions perform their tasks. The home office function does not need to be held exactly the House, just the individual be connected, some people choose to work in cafes, or renting spaces to exercise their tasks. The advantage is not only the employee who saves time and improves quality of life, but also the company that saves costs as the Valley Transportation.

“For the professional side, the flexibility in the workplace today has been considered a benefit, as well as food stamps, Valley Transportation, among others. For companies, the remote work supported by video collaboration solutions require connectivity, and this means a global change in relation to urbanization with towns and municipalities more connected, what facilitates the support of more flexible work or home office.  The rise of technologies in visual communication is a sign of a better connectivity and the desire to collaborate naturally and effectively from anywhere, “says João Aguiar, Director of systems engineering for the region of Latin America and Caribbean of Polycom.

For the writer and journalism student, Angelica, the biggest advantage of the home office is the freedom to create and produce. “Some days I wake up at 4:00 in the morning and I produce, there are days that I have doctor start working after noon. Is an autonomy that CLT does not have. Another plus point is also the time, placing the tip of the pencil while in transport, with home office you get more quality of life and produces much more! I think the downside is loneliness, to dribble that I’m in my customers once a week, then I see guys, do this little meetings and sano disadvantage, “says the writer.

For João Aguiar, Director of systems engineering for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, Polycom collaboration solutions require connectivity, and that means a global change in relation to urbanization with towns and municipalities more connected, which facilitates a greater support to work more flexível.

“The rise of technologies in visual communication is a sign of a better connectivity and the desire to collaborate naturally and so eficaz from anywhere. In metropolises like São Paulo, with high level of congestion, the flexibility of the home office is a competitive advantage for the employee as well as for the company, “emphasizes the Director.

For the more fearful, remote work still arouses doubts, mainly by the activities carried out by collaborators who are not present physically in the company.  According to Michele Barcena, journalist, sports marketing expert, with the technology is easy to identify if the developer is actually performing their tasks. “There is a frequent accompaniment of demands and supplies. How we work with targets and results, they need to be sought and achieved in the best possible way. And with the online communication via phone, we can do this in a consistent manner, so it’s easy to identify whether or not the trader is actually dedicated to work in that format home office, “he says.

The writer Luiza Angelica, says that the secret is in the Organization of tasks, timetables and targets. “There are days that I work well over 8 hours, but I know what it takes for a given demand. Because I love what I do, it’s lighter. At home I put a piped music, my pajamas, I eat better, light some incense and I’m more relaxed to produce more and less time. There is a timeline that I follow to the letter! “she declares.

According to article 6 of law No. 12,551, you don’t know the work performed in the employer’s establishment, the run on the domicile of the employee and held the distance, since they are characterized the assumptions of the employment relationship. Under the law, many questions are raised when it comes to home office: accident at work, pay, benefits, overtime, but this is subject for another text.

The home office is here to stay, of course, not all people and not all companies fit that profile, but for those who are in this role discipline, commitment and schedule is the key to success. “Home Office is good for everyone, but do people still think that anyone who works at home does nothing. On the contrary, sometimes I work twice, but the energy and pace are different. We need to care for our physical and mental health, so I am totally in favor of HO “, concludes the writer Luiza Angelica.


Luiza-angelicaLuiza has 20 years and is publishing his second book! At the age of 15 was already writing for a magazine and with much effort at 18 years old he published his first book of Chronicles “Luiza Things” the second book is scheduled for March of next year and the girl with adult life not to! Work in your own business generating content for big customers like Peter P, is finishing College of journalism and producing each stage of the release of his second book. Independent writer, lecturer in public schools, a writer still maintains a blog with 500 daily hits.


João Aguiar serves as Director of systems engineering for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean Polycom with responsibility to empower channel partners with sales training, support the design and implementation of projects, in addition to pre-sales service to customers in projects and applications of video collaboration solutions

Michele-barcena Michele Barcena, journalist, specialist in sports marketing and MBA in digital marketing at FGV. I worked for 10 years on Jovem Pan AM and since 2011 work with communication, social media and press relations.