• 13/07/2021
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Father's Day: Creative actions for your company

dia dos pais na empresa

Father's Day is coming and we are in a hybrid scenario in the corporate world. For some companies, the best choice is to opt for remote actions and for others, in-person actions are already taking place – with extra care and safety, of course. Therefore, the ideas we have separated below include both work models. These are fun, creative and simple activities that can be easily adapted according to your audience. See which idea suits your company best. Let's go?


Videogame Championship

Organizing a game between the dads would certainly provide a good moment of relaxation and laughter. The cool thing about this tip is that it works both at home and in person, you just need to be careful that there are no unnecessary crowds, for example, if you want to include your children in the game, we suggest you opt for the online version, ensuring fun and safety for everyone.

Disclose the score to all employees via digital mural, application or intranetThis way, everyone can follow the game, even at home or in another area.


Recipe Challenge

The idea here is to raffle off a simple and cool recipe, challenge collaborators to make it and send a photo/video. To make the activity more interactive, you can vote for the most beautiful, most creative dish, or even ask the children to record their reactions when they try the recipe. Oh, be sure to share these photos and videos on the company's CI channels for the record.


Chat with Parents and Children

How about inviting them to a relaxed video call, where they can share the experiences and challenges of parenthood? Opening this space for conversation for fathers is just as important as it is for mothers. Take the opportunity to invite someone who addresses the subject and who can lead an interesting dialogue.


Gymkhana at home

Set aside some games that can be played remotely or that do not require physical contact, invite them in advance so that they can prepare and participate in several different activities. You can set up teams, pairs or even individuals and reward the winning employee.


Father Stories

Without a doubt, there must be many exciting and funny stories about parents and children to share among the company's employees. Hold a special session at one of your internal communication channels to publicize these testimonials and encourage everyone's participation, commenting on their stories as well.


Did you like the tips? Here You can also check out another post, there are other ideas that can be adapted for this time of pandemic. Take advantage of Father's Day at the company to revive interaction between teams. Choose which action you are going to take and be sure to share with us how it went.

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