• 17/03/2020
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Despite being a practice already considered old, the home office is still a reason for many doubts for several companies, in addition, a decision like this cannot be taken by everyone, after all, some segments do not allow employees to stop being in person, but many professionals can use this type of work, which can be beneficial, especially in times that require remote work.

So that the home office, To be successful, it is very important to take some considerations before adopting the practice, such as: keep teams aligned, therefore, have a communication channel that is efficient and reaches all employees, is fundamental and check that everyone meets the necessary requirements to maintain the work routine outside the office. Concerned about employee performance, some companies, such as Revelo (recruitment and selection company), hold online morning meetings to organize everyone's activities.

Have a communication channel with employees, such as a mobile platform, for example, is the best way to continue reaching employees remotely and maintain CI engagement.

The advantage of adopting this measure is not only for the employee who saves time and increases quality of life, but also for the company who saves costs such as transportation, energy and other costs. Check out some advantages and disadvantages that remote work can bring:


Saiba mais sobre o Home Office - B2 Midia

For the collaborator:

  • Economy;
  • Comfort;
  • Flexible hours.


  • More distractions;
  • Lack of contact with other professionals;
  • Control of daily performance.



Saiba mais sobre o Home Office - B2 Midia

For the company:

  • Waste reduction;
  • Greater productivity:
  • Economy:


  • Information security;
  • Difficulty maintaining team spirit;
  • Some employees may not be able to.

With rapid and necessary changes, companies may not have time to completely adapt to the home office. sWe've put together some tips that are worth getting organized, so we don't harm the company's work routine. Look:

  • Study and map possible difficulties, such as internet availability and an appropriate location to carry out the work;
  • Encourage the use of video calls, by seeing people's reactions we can avoid creating noise in communication, confusion in exchanging messages and misunderstandings;
  • Maintain a well-organized delivery schedule, so that no employee gets lost with the distractions that may occur during the day;
  • Leaders have an important role at this time, especially in guiding everyone to maintain a normal routine and not forget to do simple tasks, such as taking off their pajamas. This attitude can avoid the “holiday feeling”;
  • Guarantee the communication between company and employee and encourage them to communicate, so that working relationships remain;
  • Patience is the keyword for working from home, understand that there is a different adaptation time for each employee;
  • Establish scheduling rules among employees, being at home can be confusing, leading to lunches and/or longer working hours.
  • Choose a suitable work space, organize all the materials needed to work properly.

With some care and techniques, it becomes much easier to face a routine of home office, because, remember, it requires more commitment and motivation from the employee.


We have an animation with some good practices in the home office. Share (via APP) with your team that is working remotely:


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