The new Social network Facebook Corporate

Mark Zuckerberg launches new social network called Workplace for the corporate world 

On Monday (10), the network of Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new corporate social network called “Workplace”. Some days we did a post talking about enterprise social networks and how they are revolutionizing the way of communicating within companies. As we mentioned, some companies have not yet joined the enterprise platforms and do not use social networks as a communication tool between employees. It seems that this template is on borrowed time, the proposal of the Workplace is to have a tool Specifies to discuss corporate matters, brainstorm and to accompany presentations and meetings. Features like: news feed, groups, chat, live, reactions and research will also be part of the Workplace and new options such as panels of analysis and the so-called Multi-business Groups, which allow employees of different companies work together.

The application is distinguished from Facebook, that is, it is not necessary to have an account on the tool to use the Workplace.

“Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. And you can’t connect the world if you don’t connect the workspaces, “said Julien Codorniou, global Director of the Workplace, in an interview with BUSINESS Era. [A plataforma]”it will change the way people work. Change the way they communicate, “said

The Workplace is a great ally of internal communication in corporations, in addition to the email marketing templates, newsletter, bulletins, tv corporate, the new tool comes as another model to decrease noise in communication, streamline work processes, humanizing the workplace and keep people who have the same interest connected.

For three months, the Workplace can be used for free, after this period will be charged a value according to the number of employees active in the application monthly.

Example: $ 3 per employee for companies with up to 1000 users; $ 2 per employee for businesses between 1,001 and 10000 users.

And you? What tools do you use for internal communication of your company?

Here at B2, we use the digital mural to communicate with our employees. On the Board you can share business goals, photos, birthdays of the month, information about the work environment and celebrate the arrival of new employees. We also use the B2 application, developers have the possibility to interact, make publications, enjoy, share and comment information.